24-26 April 2018

San Francisco, USA

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Speaker Interview: Dongliang Ge, Director of Computational Biology, Gilead Sciences

6446 RNA Speaker Thumb Dr. Ge recently sat down with Ben Carrington (Program Director, RNA-Seq 2016) to discuss the current challenges and future opportunities in the utilization of RNA-Seq in a clinical setting in the run up to RNA-Seq 2016.
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Fluidigm Video: One Cell at a Time

RNA Vid thumb Both Fluidigm and Alex Shalek (Assistant Professor, Health Sciences & Technology, MIT) explore the heterogeneity of populations of mouse bone marrow derived dendritic cells, and how niche intercellular responses are initiated and coordinated.Download the video here.


Past Presentation Pack 2015

Picture1 Includes:

  • Magnolia Bostick, Scientist III, Clontech Laboratories
  • Mark Gerstein, Professor of Biomedical, Informatics, Molecular Biophysics, Yale University
  • Shaun Grosskurth, Senior Scientist Oncology Bioinformatics, AstraZeneca
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Past Presentation Pack 2014

Past presentation Includes:

  • Paul Wilson (GSK), who explores the application of RNA-Seq in support of drug discovery
  • Raffaele Calogero (University of Torino), who discusses enhancing the detection of fusion genes to better understand cancer pathology
  • Mark Lindsay (University of Bath), who examines mRNA and non-coding RNAs as therapeutic targets
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