Featured Speakers

  • Joshua LevinSenior Scientist, Group Leader Broad Institute

  • Lore Gruenbaum Leader, Global Biomarker and Experimental medicine Roche

  • Maarten LeekesGenome Analysis Specialist MSC / NIH

  • Qingqin Li Scientific Director Johnson & Johnson

Master RNA-Sequencing to Crack the Transcriptome

RNA-Seq 2014 is the 2nd annual summit which will once again be the key to unlocking the commercial potential stored in RNA. RNASeq 2014 remains the industry’s only conference solely dedicated to maximizing the practical applications of the transcriptome. The leaders in the field are coming together once again to discuss and share expertise to harness the power of RNA-Seq technology.

RNA-Seq 2014 will enable you to cost-effectively manage the entire RNA-Seq landscape by directly providing you with in-depth access to the latest technologies and software that are revolutionizing the industry. You will hear detailed evaluation of your options when it comes to managing and analyzing RNA-Seq data to supercharge the commercial potential of the transcriptome. This conference is a hive of networking opportunities, in which you can immerse yourself in this collaborative culture.

This is why RNA-Seq 2014 has established itself as the leading meeting to form long term connections and leverage the ground-breaking advances in RNA Sequencing technology, software, and preclinical, clinical & drug discovery applications. This meeting will provide you with all the knowledge you need to penetrate the RNA-Seq field.

A dedicated 3 day conference, RNA Seq 2014 delivers pioneering case studies and discussions to ensure you learn how to:

  • Cost-effectively manage the integration of RNA technology
  • Extract actionable insight from the transcriptome with unprecedented levels of accuracy and resolution
  • Manage, analyze and clinically interpret the vast volumes of data to best extrapolate the relevant information
  • Design the right methodology to apply RNA Seq technology for optimized biomarker discovery and validation
  • Optimize the practical applications of RNA Sequencing technologies to characterize and interpret  the transcriptome