24-26 April 2018

San Francisco, USA

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Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.


Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.: Expertise Partner

Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD, a Biotechne brand) provides innovative RNA analysis solution that redefines cell- and tissue-based gene analysis for researchers in academic, biotechs and pharmaceutical companies. ACD provides services and products based on RNAscope® assay, the most advanced RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assay based on this proprietary technology with signal amplification and simultaneous background noise suppression which advances RNA analysis in tissues and cells. Unique to this technology, the RNAscope® assay delivers quantitative, sensitive and specific molecular detection of RNA species on a cell-by-cell basis with morphological context in a robust assay. This enables researchers to visualize which genes are expressed, localize where they are expressed, and quantify the level of expression down to a single transcript of RNA. Proven in over 500 publications in just 5 years, RNAscope ISH is a cutting edge RNA analysis technology for cancer, stem cell, infectious disease, neuroscience and much more.